Australian media on the Sydney siege

As Sydney’s siege at Martin Place enters its twelfth hour, Sydney attempts to keep calm and remember that the gunmen do not represent the values of the wider Muslim community. The Daily Telegraph, however, rushed ahead and published this abomination at part of their special 2pm edition:

Sydney's Daily Telegraph published a special 2pm edition with a cover wrap

Labelling it a ‘Death Cult’, The Daily Telegraph has proved once again that it privileges speed over quality journalism. Meanwhile, the Muslim community has voiced its condemnation of the events as racist slurs circulate on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. But it isn’t only racism that is being fuelled by the siege. Australian Retailers Association chief executive Russell Zimmerman incredulously expressed concern about how the siege would affect spending so close to Christmas. As news of the Australian dollar dropping, Zimmerman stated: “I don’t want to be prophet of doom and gloom but you do worry about how this could affect spending. For Sydney city retailers it’s going to be a huge drain on cash flow and a huge issue for them. In the short term people will question whether they go into the city to do their shopping.” And, in a shameless act of self-promotion, Sydney’s Thr1ve, whose MLC store was shut down per police requests, went to Instagram, stating “our thoughts & prayers are with those caught in the drama of Sydney today”, before touting their Wetsfield store, posting that they: “can still serve you up a delicious lunch at our @westfieldsyd store! #staysafesydney #nutritiontoTHR1VE.” As well as this, Taxi and private hire car app Uber increased the price of a cab out of the city to a whopping $100 minimum, before making it free after a huge online backlash. As the world watches coverage of the siege, others are watching the media…with disgust.


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