It is happening again…Twin Peaks Revival

That gum you like is going to come back in style…

For those of you who have not yet heard the news, David Lynch is set to revive his cult television series Twin Peaks (1990-1992), which was unceremoniously cancelled after only two seasons. The exciting news was announced yesterday after a series of mysterious messages on twitter by the series creators, hinting at a possible revival. And now, after twenty-four years, Lynch is expected to tie up many of the loose-ends left after the series was cancelled. So Twin Peaks fans are getting ready with a cup of joe and some cherry pie.

Twin Peaks first aired in 1990 on ABC (American). The premise of the program was the murder of prom queen Laura Palmer in the small Washington town of Twin Peaks. But the show did not entirely focus on her death, but also investigated the lives of the townspeople, all of whom had their own secrets and covert dalliances. One of the central characters was Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), an eccentric FBI agent who is hired to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, and who uncovers various secrets to do with the people of Twin Peaks. Through arcane dreams and Tibetan influences, Cooper gets closer and closer to uncovering the details of the murder as well as the mystery to do with the elusive White and Black Lodges which are hidden in the woods of Twin Peaks. One of the most notable images to come from the show includes the extradimensional space of the “Red Room” where dead people appear and speak backwards.  It is within this room that Laura Palmer states: “I’ll see you again in 25 years.” Well, the revival of Twin Peaks is expected to hit screens in 2016, almost coinciding with Palmer’s prediction. Showtime will air the new series. Gary Levine, vice president at Showtime, states: “In some ways, Twin Peaks was the precursor to all of the high-quality, provocative serialized drama that we all do now […] We give our creators such freedom and such license to explore every part of their dark imaginations, and there’s no one I would rather give that freedom to than David Lynch and Mark Frost.” This is a notable change from ABC’s original involvement and broadcast of the show, which put pressure on Lynch to reveal the identity of the killer in season two, prompting ratings to fall, which led to the show’s cancellation. Since then, the show has developed an unprecedented (but well-deserved) cult following. Now fans are speculating as to who will return, and what will be the fates of their beloved characters.


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