MH17 Tragedy

All routes above Eastern Ukraine have now been shut down following the tragic shooting of MH17, which was hit by a missile on a well-travelled route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The flight was flying at 33 thousand feet, which is said to be well above the restricted danger zone. There is currently a 10 kilometre circumference at the crash site, where many of the deceased were said to be still wearing their seat belts. Russian president Vladimir Putin has purportedly absolved himself of any responsibility, as the attack occurred in Ukrainian air space. Joep Lange, one of the world’s foremost scholars in AIDS research, was one of the passengers confirmed dead. Lange was one of several scholars travelling from Amsterdam en route to Melbourne, Australia for the 20th International AIDS conference, taking place from July 20-25, 2014. Three infants were also purportedly among the deceased, with a total death toll of 298, 154 of which were from the Netherlands, 43 from Malaysia, 27 from Australia, 12 from Indonesia, and more from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Philippines and Canada. 41 passengers are as yet unaccounted for. This is the second tragedy to have hit Malaysian Airlines in six months. While the recovery mission for MH370 resumes next month, officials have been sent to Ukraine to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the attack. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has confirmed that the tragedy was, in fact, a terrorist attack and not an accident. Ukraine’s English-language newspaper Kyiv Post has purportedly published a transcript of an intercepted call between Russian military intelligence and Cossack militants discussing the discovery of a civilian plane and its presence in Ukrainian airspace.  Among the debris found at the site was a Lonely Planet guide book on Lombok and Bali Indonesia, as well as several passports strewn across the ground.


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