Creative Cities: My new chapter in “Creative Districts Around the World”

King Street, Newtown (Photo: Siobhan Lyons)

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Bairro Alto, a creative district in Lisbon, authors Lénia Marques and Greg Richards have released their new edited collection, Creative Districts Around the World (2014), featuring my chapter on Newtown, a creative district in Sydney’s Inner West. The book brings together writings on various creative areas throughout the world, from Portugal, New York, Budapest, Lima, Israel and more.

Here is the description:

The 500th anniversary of one of the historic creative districts of the world, Bairro Alto, in Lisbon (Portugal) served as a catalyst for the publication of this interactive e-book. In a journey that starts in the heart of the Bairro, several authors and artists take us on a journey to different creative districts around the globe. Creative Districts around the world is a snapshot of the dynamic changes taking place in very different cities, such as London, New York, Johannesburg or Melaka.

The e-book is free to download, available on the book’s website, along with a detailed world map featuring the cities that are discussed in the book. My chapter, ‘The Old Charm of Newtown: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Sydney’s Newtown’, focuses on the history and contemporary influence of the former working-class suburb and its creative diversity and bohemian flair, and also features photographs of the iconic King Street and Martin Luther King mural. Creative districts are often the lifeblood of a city’s artistic growth, encouraging creative engagement and production. Inspired by the bustling energy of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, a place which, according to Australian writer Matthew Asprey, is ‘thriving with excitement and creative activity’, Creative Districts is one of the first books that adequately explores the notion of creativity and creative space within the urban environment.

The iconic Martin Luther King mural (Photo: Siobhan Lyons)




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