Alice Munro awarded Nobel Prize for Literature

Cynthia Ozick wrote that Munro is “our Chekhov”, and after a gamut of short story collections, Munro has now been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for her role as “master of the contemporary short story”. The majority of Munro’s fiction is set in Huron County, Ontario. Although all her works are short-story collections, her Lives of Girls and Women (1971) has been described by some critics as a novel due to its recurring character, Del Jordan, throughout the short stories. Much of her work fits into the genre of what is now known as Southern Ontario Gothic. Her work is quite unlike anything else, providing a fragile intimacy in both her characters and the rural atmosphere of small-towns. The complexity of her characters -mostly female- is what makes her work readily accessible, by shining a light of female vulnerability and strength simultaneously. Munro joins female authors Toni Morrison, Nadine Gordimer, and Doris Lessing, among only 13 other women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


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