Hemingway Scrapbooks available online

Still on the Hemingway train, it was announced on the 114th anniversary of Hemingway’s birth that five of his mother’s scrapbooks have been made available through the JFK Online Library. Grace Hall Hemingway began writing in various scrapbooks, detailing her son’s habits and sentiments as a child, along with a plethora of family photographs. According to Hemingway Collection curator Susan Wrynn, these fragile scrapbooks have been kept in a dark vault for four decades and have only been available to a small group of scholars.  In one of the scrapbooks, Hemingway’s mother writes that the 13 year-old budding author often promised: “My conduct tomorrow will be good,” while observing that: “He loves stories about Great Americans.” As well as this, Hemingway’s mother also observed what would become one of the more popular perceptions of Hemingway, that of his hunting abilities: “Ernest Miller at almost 4 years of age, is able to go hunting with Daddy many miles through the dense woods and carry his own gun. He is a natural scientist loving everything in the way of huge stones, shells, birds, animals, insects and blossoms.”

The scrapbooks and the rest of the Hemingway collection are available here.


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