Pessoa’s poetry in Granta, Portugal

The illustrious literary mag Granta launched its inaugural Portugal-based issue last month. The issue contains five sonnets by the great Portuguese poet and author, Fernando Pessoa, author of The Book of Disquiet. The editor of the Portugal series, Carlos Vaz Marques, stated:

Fernando Pessoa has been undoubtedly the most influential Portuguese poet of the twentieth century. During the second half of the century, however, Portuguese poetry has indeed produced major poets disconnected from Pessoa’s direct influence: Herberto Helder, Sophia de Mello Breyner, Mário Cesariny, Jorge de Sena, Ruy Belo. But of course we could argue that some of them felt the need to escape, or distance themselves from Pessoa and his insurmountable literary production – which is in a way a clear sign of the poet’s influence.

Much of the issue is kept secret, however, to ensure a genuine sense of ‘discovery’ for its readers. To read the rest of the interview with the editor, check it out here. Pessoa is also well-known for his various, idiosyncratic heteronyms, including Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis and Álvaro de Campos, although he has almost a hundred others including the nom-de-plume Bernardo Soares for Book of Disquiet.


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