Granta #117: Horror

Granta Issue #117: Horror

A little bit of a late notice, but better than never.

The latest edition of magazine/book Granta is now available, this one focusing on the theme of horror. Granta has been described as something of a ‘crystal ball’ magazine that captures the debut works of aspiring writers, including Zadie Smith who, in the #67 issue, was first published as an unknown with her ‘The Waiter’s Wife’. Other writers to be snapped up by this quirky text are Martin Amis, Paul Auster, Salmon Rushdie and my personal favourite, Boberto Bolano. A particularly good edition for a previously unpublished Bolano work is in the #110 issue, ‘Sex’. Another favourite is the #89 issue where Joe Sacco, another favourite author of mine, or cartoonist if you prefer, writes an interesting piece, ‘In the Milk Factory’, a longer version available in his anthology, ‘I Live Here.’

The Horror issue, as the name suggests, follows the personal hauntings of some amazing authors, including Don DeLillo, Paul Auster, Steven King and Will Self. Never, in my opinion, has an issue had so many great writers all at once. Will Self’s story, meticulously following his blood disease is characteristically bizarre yet humorous.

Capturing the creativity and skill of new writers is what this magazine/book aims to do, and it does it extremely well. It also looks great in your book collection. Archived copies are available for purchase either on the Granta site,, or even on the Book Depository (cheaper on the US site). Also, if you happen to have an e-reader, I discovered that you can purchase recent issues for around $11.00. Not too bad…


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